B.T. Services is a proud member of the Institutional and Supermarket Equipment (ISE) network. ISE is a nationwide network of professionally qualified contractors who specialize in all facets of equipment sales, installation, and service to the end user. ISE provides the single source for a total package of products which include items necessary to construct supermarkets, convenience stores, institutions and food service operations.

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  • Amana/Chernoff Sales
  • Anthony International
  • Ardco, Inc.
  • Commercial Refrigerator Door (Styleline Doors)
  • DisplayRite
  • Frank Door Company

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Your innovative ideas with the new commercial refrigeration system (with the interior freezer) helped us immensely in the planning stages. The input and creative solutions from you and your team in regards to the issues we were experiencing with the older unit in another building, has eased our concerns as well. 

- Kathleen Sprinkle
   Buildings Supervisor
   Luminex Corporation